Tuesday, September 29, 2015

NHL 16

If you are a ice hockey fan then NHL 16 on PS4 is definitely worth looking at, it is a vast improvement on it's previous game and the graphics and presentations are extremely good. On-ice animations are smooth and the players do what you want when you want it.

Each players seems to have a unique personality and act as individuals, requesting trades, forming positive and negative relationships with other teammates and management which make the game so much more fun. Your team must also be composed of all kinds of players. You can't only have snipers in your team or you will have more difficulty to win games as a team. You may want to have  a balance of snipers, power forwards, two way forwards and defensive forwards.

 NHL 16 - PlayStation 4  delivers a balanced gameplay experience that makes every player meaningful to team success. With gameplay innovation on offense and defense, players have new tools to not only score goals, but to prevent them as well.

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