Thursday, June 30, 2016

Ratchet and Clank


This fun game takes Ratchet and his friend Clank to multiple planets on an adventure Most of the game is spent battling through tonnes of enemies on a number of planets that are familiar to veteran fans.  

The story begins with an imprisoned Captain Quirk and he narrates a large portion of the game, and talking about the time he and Ratchet have met

You can build up an arsenal of outlandish high-tech weapons that are unique and will be needed through different stages of the game. This is a game with character, a game with soul, and a game with peerless mechanics.

One of the best features is the multiple weapons you get to use in combat, each weapon is distinct and the multiple upgrade option, of each weapon makes them so much more effective against different enemies. The gadgets are neat

The narration is quirky and funny the entire game is  so funny.

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