Thursday, July 14, 2016

The Crew


The Crew is a racing arcade game, suitable for teens. If you have a friend who likes to play racing arcade games this is the game for you. You really do need internet connection to play this game. There is so much exploration to be done.

Graphics:7/10 for Console capability

They are a little dis appointing. This is due to them using CGI for their ads. So take that into consideration. It is not as good as some other racing games in terms of car detail, but 30fps and 1080p on both consoles will leave you in a good spot. The scenery is beautiful.

Background/world size: 9/10

Ubisoft did an excellent job with the cities and scenery that they did produce in the game. You will enjoy the feel of being in different parts of the US. It gives the game a more authentic feel. The large landscape gives you the feel of how big the US is at times, but also how small cities can be.

Car Models: 7/10

The cars are well done, not the best you will see when compared to sim games, but good for an arcade racing type game. Ii would be nice if Ubisoft could improve the models in the future. The car customization is good, performance parts are awarded when you complete a race or "skill" task, which entails things like performing slalom stunts or driving fast down a road while keeping all 4 wheels on the asphalt.

Mission quality: 8/10

 There are the speed missions, which is your classic race to the finish line and then there are slalom type missions as well for driver capability, there are plenty of missions that feel like grinding.

User Interface: 5/10 

They really need to let you turn the compliments of, they get annoying. Most parts of the user interface work well, but they really need to make more customization and cut down on the mission reminders.

 There is a limited edition: The Crew Wild Run.

 Ride recklessly across the entire US map. Customize your cars, monster trucks and motorcycles for mayhem on- and off-road. Join instant stunt and skill challenges. Never drive alone! The Crew Season Pass cars sold separately.

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